A trademark applicant must satisfy all filing requirements and overcome any objections issued by the PTO’s Examining Attorney.

The Registration Process

The process of applying for a trademark registration begins with getting a sense of the field. What trademarks have already been registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office? What marks haven't been registered but are being used by others and may be entitled to common law rights?  Applying for a trademark registration without having a trademark attorney perform a clearance search subjects the applicant to unnecessary risk.

After reviewing the results of the clearance search, our Trademark Attorneys will prepare your trademark application and file it with the PTO. We will craft a description of goods and services that matches your actual or intended use of the trademark.  Applications that include overly broad definitions of goods or services may stand a greater chance of coming into conflict with existing registrations, and may later serve as the basis for a petition to cancel a trademark registration on the basis of fraud.  Our attorneys will also respond to PTO Office Actions seeking additional information about the the application.  Objections range from the easily curable to major substantive hurdles. We pride ourselves on guiding our clients through this often complex process.

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