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Professional trademark attorneys dedicated to protecting the trademark rights our clients.


  • Provide cost-effective legal advice to help clients choose an effective trademark, clear the mark for use, and register the mark.
  • Advise businesses in adopting global trademark prosecution strategies and coordinate trademark proceedings in the United States and abroad.
  • Vigorously represent clients in trademark infringement actions in federal courts across the country.

Whether it's your brand, logo or slogan, Lewis & Lin’s trademark Lawyer will help protect the valuable intellectual property and goodwill of your business.

Flat Fee Trademark Packages


There is no requirement that you use a trademark attorney to file a trademark application, but there are many reasons why you should when it comes to intellectual property.  

Trademark law is complicated – much more so than many people realize.  Simply submitting an application does not clear the way to successful trademark rights.  To obtain a federal registration, you must overcome any objections or refusals issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. These "Office Action" refusals are often difficult to overcome without the assistance of a trademark attorney.

Even if you succeed in securing a federal registration, your use of a mark that has not been cleared first can expose you to liability. If you are infringing on another party's mark, you could be forced to pay damages or worse: start over with a new brand.  We've seen it happen many times before – saving on a modest attorney fee now, only to be involved in a crippling infringement lawsuit later.


  1. We’re not just a filing service – we’re a full service law firm dedicated to registering trademarks for our clients.

  2. We advise our clients about the value of clearing their marks, and the tradeoffs of not doing a full clearance.

  3. We offer a comprehensive trademark search from an industry leader in trademark searches – not a Google search passed off as a “comprehensive search.”

  4. We draft clearance letters that protect your company from most types of trademark damages.

  5. We have a high success rate – well over 95% of our applications for marks we clear result in registrations.

  6. We offer a free knockout search if your first mark is not cleared.